About The Civic Operations Group

The team at the Civic Operations Group specializes in engaging hard to reach communities on a massive scale. When time is our biggest challenge, our response teams connect with thousands of hard to reach, vulnerable, or minority groups.

Our Impact

Specialized response teams led by our solid group of over 250 prepared operatives use informed messaging and precise data to connect the most vulnerable and hardest to reach communities. Real time resources and relief are delivered to exactly those who need it most and unparalleled field intelligence and data collection informs relief programs and resource allocation.

1.5 Million +

Doors Knocked

20.5 Million +

Calls Made

14 Million +

Texts Sent


Total Resources Provided


Vaccine Sign-ups

Our Experience

Our Turf

Our team has worked in 44 States in the continental U.S., giving us the experience necessary to adapt and relate to every region.

Pandemic Relief

Helped residents navigate the pandemic that has stricken communities, shuttered businesses, and left thousands sick and hospitalized. Our team connected people to valuable information and life-saving resources.

Environmental Catastrophe Response

Assisted the Louisiana state government in locating displaced residents affected by severe flooding to accurately disperse federal disaster funding.

Vaccination Planning

​Our staff hired, trained, and deployed local and highly skilled workers to vulnerable communities to build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine.

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