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When disaster strikes at any scale, we are ready to help.

With over 20 years of experience in constituent outreach , we are experts in tailoring and implementing the most prolific relief and response programs across the country. Our team consists of 250+ battle-tested operatives who hail from every region, demographic, and walk of life. We work with stakeholders to respond before, during, and after a crisis to minimize damage to constituents, provide life saving information, and collect data to drive our future response.

COVID-19 Outreach

For most people, navigating a global pandemic can be difficult and scary. Our dedicated team members at Civic Operations Group (COG) have mobilized to ensure that residents get the help they need to keep their family safe during uncertain times — whether that’s through vaccine sign-ups, testing information, or assistance in locating resources like rental relief. In today’s climate of rampant misinformation and information overload, we feel the most valuable way to lend a hand to community members is to connect with them directly to field their questions, hear their concerns, and provide them with life-saving resources when they need it most.

Public Engagement

In dire circumstances, you need to meet people where they are through direct contact and with trusted information. Our team at COG diligently gathers and verifies facts to relay directly to residents in their community, at their doors, on their phones, TV’s, and mailboxes. We always tailor the message to fit the situation, the residents we speak to, and the long term objectives of both the stakeholders and communities we serve. We gather data and share with stakeholders to help build mutual understanding of patterns and conditions for future decision-making.

Our strategy, founded in respect and efficacy, is to recruit, train, and deploy teams who are local to the communities they organize. We hire local, highly skilled workers to build awareness and assist target populations in real-time. We ensure we have the cultural and social sensitivity required to gain trust. Our team is ready to bridge the gap when you need a direct line from officials and decision makers to residents — especially those who are the most vulnerable and/or difficult to reach.

Emergency Response

From natural disasters to large-scale health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic, we are equipped to deploy critical response and deliver relief to those who need it most. Our active capacity across the continental U.S. enables us to connect with people impacted by emergencies to information from local authorities, and life-saving resources from partner organizations. We often collaborate with existing local institutions to increase capacity and assist existing efforts. Because we know time is of the essence in any emergency response, COG personnel produce a daily report for clients with qualitative and quantitative information about the situation on the ground; this data helps us follow up on communities and inform operations for the next crisis.

Preparedness Outreach

In an increasingly uncertain world, it is never a bad time to be prepared. Rather than waiting to react to crises after they unfold, our team is equipped to proactively engage communities so that they know how to respond, mobilize, and access verified information during an emergency. We specialize in cultivating trust in communities and shifting attitudes through meaningful connection. The data we gather from these conversations help advise future operations on the ground.

Combatting Disinformation, Monitoring and Mitigating

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how deadly misinformation can be, and how fast it can spread through communities. Our team employs disciplined fact-checking and strategic partnerships to curate our outreach programs to combat rampant mis- or disinformation. By monitoring and understanding false narratives online,  we can effectively prepare our teams to counter them and mitigate the harm caused by misinformation.

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